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Dialysis Diet Made Easy!

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Following a dialysis diet regimen can seem overwhelming. You have things to do, and a life to live, and there is so much to monitor. Dialysis Diet and make that easier by providing Dialysis Friendly meals. Why are they better?

  • Developed by chefs in cooperation with our in-house registered dietitian nutritionist.
  • Meals are low in sodium, potassium and phosphorous for people with chronic kidney disease.
  • The dialysis-friendly meals come in several meal packages of 7 full meals, or individually.
  • The meals are reasonably priced, and they arrive frozen. Pop them in the freezer until needed. Then reheat in oven or microwave.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or occasional meals, we've got you covered!

Why Should I Follow a Dialysis Diet?

The kidneys help filter waste from your body, control fluid levels, and regulate levels of potassium and sodium. When the kidneys are not functioning well enough, dialysis can help by performing some of these functions for the kidneys.

Normally, the kidneys continuously filter blood. But, dialysis is done on a schedule (eg, three times a week). Because of this, it is important to follow a special dialysis diet between treatments. If you do not follow the diet, waste products can build up to toxic levels.

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Before making any changes to your diet, make sure you discuss them with your doctor or dietician.

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